LED injection module

  • 3LED3609- 2835 LED module
  • 3LED3609- 2835 LED module
  • 3LED3609- 2835 LED module
3LED3609- 2835 LED module3LED3609- 2835 LED module3LED3609- 2835 LED module

3LED3609- 2835 LED module

  • Application:
  • 1. Backlighting for Advertisement.
  • 2. Signboard and Billboard.
  • 3. Backlighting for Lighting box Sign.
  • Product description: 12V 0.72W 3LED3609-2835 waterproof LED module

high quality DC12V 0.72W  3LED3609-2835 waterproof LED module (With 3M adhesive tape on back side of module)

Products Name SMD 2835 LED Module
Model NO. 3LED3609-2835
Power Consumption 0.72W
Work Voltage DC12V Constant voltage
Work Current 60mA
Beam Angle 120°
LED type SMD 2835
LED Quantity 3pcs
Luminous Flux 60-80lm per module
Color Single color(red,yellow,blue,green,white,warm white, purple)
Material PVC


Waterproof Grade IP65
Work Temperature -30-60deg
Light Decay Less Than 1% After 1,000H
Life-span 50,000H
Certificate CE&ROHS
Every string 20pcs
Warranty 3 years

Advantages of 2835 smd led module brightness higher, so by the luminous word blister evenly. SMD LED module is mainly applicable to ultra-thin light boxes, advertising signs, such as the use of backlighting. With high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection, cold light source, no radiation, long life and so on. DC12V power supply, super high brightness, stable quality.


1.Fiber pcb.

2.Virtually no maintenance.

3.Low heat, high brightness, and works well under harsh conditions.

4.Including 3M adhesive tape for convenient mounting.

5.Full range of colors: red, yellow, blue, green, purple and white.

6.Input voltage: DC12V, professionally designed to be fully waterproof.

7.Glue drop waterproof, IP 65 protection can be normally operated even in cloudy, rainy and snowy weather.

8.No RF interference.

9.Trademark and logo can be customized.

10.Long life 50,000hours+ (5years+), white LED, 50,000hours.

Operation Instructions:

The module is 20pcs/string, user can put several strings in parallel connection , each string running a loop. Lest the nonuniform color caused by the voltage drop, the cable section of main power supply should not less than 2.5mm2

Keep it in a well-ventilated environment, good for heat dissipation.

When connecting, red wire connect to power“+”, black wire connect to power“-”.Don’t reverse.

Suggested to use brand switching power supply with safety certificate.(with short circuit, over voltage, current protection function)


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