Payment terms

1. Which kind of payment term and currency do you accept?
We accpet T/T payment , the order value more than 10000USD, support 30% TT as a deposite 70% payment before delivery the goods. the order value under 10000USD. we request full payment , because bank charges very high from you and us . but we're ok if you short cash and have to do two time payment even if in small order.

To be a typic company ,we dont have a paypal account , mostly accept bank T/T, but Western Union also acceptable. Currency: USD & RMB.

2.Why the sales always asking for the payment proof ?
We have a sales team and world wide clients ,in order to distinguish the payment amount belong to which customer and belong to which salesman, so we need you payment copy for reference to figure out the money is from  you.

3. Can you do L/C ?
Not really , but could do FOB term.



Contact: Linda Zhang

Phone: +86-13410070748


Add: 3rd Floor, Building 5 lane 2, Yulv village, Guangming new District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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